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McDonald’s the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants has grown to become one of the country’s leading fast food chains with more than 400 restaurants nationwide.

Forum South Global branch is Mc Donald’s 5th store to open at the BGC area.


Craving for something delicious, filling yet affordable? Then, come and visit O’rice and you’ll surely enjoy their mouthwatering choices of Korean “Teppanyaki” style fried rice.

Owned and operated by Dining Story, this newest addition of Forum South Global’s list of trendy restaurant intends to be different with its sister restaurant , Yoree, but promises to give you the same quality, value for money, Korean fried styled rice.

Serving is big; an order of rice bowl is usually shared by 2 people. Their Bulgogi fried rice and Andong Zzimdak proved to be a best seller to O’rice’s habitués.

So, if you want to experience yummy Korean stylish fried rice, come and visit O’rice.

Yoree Barbeque Dining

Yoree Barbeque Dining is the latest of Korean restaurants to open in Manila. Owned and operated by the famous Dining story Inc. known for different brands across South Korea and China promises to deliver a high-end authentic Korean dining experience.

Dining in Yoree will transport you to Seoul as it is pretty close to the real thing. Majority of its clients are Koreans and real charcoal is used for grilling to give you an unmistakable barbecue flavor

Try out their mango kimchi “a first in this planet “a delicacy you might want to keep for yourself. For huge fans of Korean dishes, these items on Yoree’s menu might excite you. The restaurant’s extensive dining offers include the Hae Pa Ri Hae San Mool Neng Chae (Cold jelly fish and seafood with garlic and lemon dressing), Cham Chi Ta Da Ki (Seared Tuna with oriental dressing), Rosue Pyeon Chae (Pan fried beef with vegetables), Jap Chae (Sauted vegetables and beef with sweet potato details), Hae Mool Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap (Stone bowl bi bim bop topped with cheese, sautéed vegetables and beef beautifully arranged on rice) and the Gal Bi Udon (Short rib stew served with udon noodle).

SARSA kitchen + bar

Filipinos have always loved putting all kinds of sauces and condiments on their food. This unique eating habit of Filipinos is what led to the creation of SARSÁ Kitchen+Bar.

Making use of the best local ingredients, Sarsa Kitchen + bar elevated the traditional Filipino and Negrense dishes by making it more contemporary. Still, it was able to retain its classic Filipino food feel to it. Bacolod-born chef JP Anglo also created a range of signature sauces to complement and provide a new take on these dishes.

Sizzling Kansi or “Bulalo” lovers must try, Chef JP’s version that comes with gravy spiked with the sour fruit called “Batwan”, a preferred souring agent of cooks in Negros Occidental and some parts of Panay and of course, another must have is Sarsa’s version of grilled /barbecue skewers.

Skippy's Bar & Grill

If you love beer, good food and sports then check out Skippy’s Bar & Grill.

This Aussie themed sports bar is a great place to get your international sporting fix from channels and web streams not seen on local TV.

You can also chill and relax to your favorite tunes while listening to their featured live bands.

The food here is good as well. From imported pies big aussie burger, hefty portions of pizza to chicken parmigiana, Skippy’s bar and grill truly has it all.

Marmalade Kitchen

MARMALADE KITCHEN is a comfort food resto and kitchen studio by Chef Aileen Anastacio of Goodies & Sweets fame. The name of the resto is inspired by Chef Aileen’s love for breakfast, brunch food and marmalade. She loves the color orange so you can see different shades and forms of it throughout the store.

It’s a cafe with a kitchen studio — a place where people can cook, learn and eat; something the chef loves doing until this day.  You can have a kids’ birthday party or a private cooking session with the chef in the studio.


Architectural & Interior Source

For all your building and design needs, check out Architectural & Interior Source. A major player in the importation and distribution of home finishing and building materials focusing on quality and design, AIS boasts of wide variety of products ranging from tiles, sanitary wares, bathroom accessories, electrical lighting, kitchen sinks, architectural finishes, material handling equipment, storage and warehouse equipment and other design requirements.

AIS is also the exclusive distributor of Toto sanitary wares, Genesis Tile Trims and profiles, Cristina, APE and Saloni Ceramic Tiles.

Foot Massage Lounge

Foot Massage Lounge is a new concept in the wellness industry that offers traditional expert dry massage within a modern setting. Their pampering services promises a soothing relief from the stress and pressure of city living.

Try out their signature 75 minute massage – a combination of shiatsu and foot reflexology. This treatment is especially designed to release any tension and rejuvenate the mind, body and sole.

Tipple & Slaw

Tipple and Slaw is where imagination meets craftsmanship. Raising the bar for artisan sandwiches, they put together the finest ingredients you can think of between 2 slices of breads.

Tipple & Slaw takes pride that their restaurant prepares their own meats, such as their bacon and corned beef. “Breads, meats, sauces–almost everything,” are made from scratch.

So, if you’re a sandwich lover head on to Tipple & Slaw as they take their sandwiches seriously eager to please us with their hefty, handheld grub.


Awaken your senses to an extra ordinary dining experience.  Transport yourself to the kitchens of Kyoto, its rich culinary heritage and renowned hospitality that Japan is known for.

Based on the acclaimed“ Matsuba Udon” created by a popular creative sushi shop in Yokohama with a history going back over 30 years and dearly loved by their most discerning clients, combines a variety of ingredients with a Kyoto –style dashi (soup stock)  for a high quality taste created through the cook’s wealth of experience, talent and technical mastery resulting in an original udon that is truly remarkable.

Experience the “Heart of Japan” through “Oudon”.

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